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MGI Programs promote living practices that drive personal and planetary wellbeing.

We do this by creating, delivering, and distributing relevant, actionable, and inclusive educational courses, workshops, lectures and more! 

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Fundraiser for Personal and Global Wellbeing

Join us for a great evening of food tastings from area, whole food, plant-based chefs, plus wine, music, and a silent auction! Proceeds benefit The Soybean Solution, MGI's new film documentary and African pilot program. Tickets are a bargain at $40!

The Spogue Kitchen Showroom | 302 W Lancaster Avenue | Wayne, PA 19087

You can't attend in person? The Silent Auction will be online, so you will be able to participate no matter where you are! Keep an eye out for more details.

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Learn about MGI's Programs

Start with a single recipe.

A single concept.

Build a strong foundation based on simplicity.

An all-or-nothing approach often leads to failure.

Create sustainable change in your life and health with MGI courses.

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Leveled Courses

Start from the beginning, all the way up to Level 4. These courses align lectures and cooking demonstrations with where you are on your macrobiotic journey!

The Recipe Store

Do you need inspiration as you plan your meals for the week? Visit the Macro Magic Recipe Store to browse individual recipes or even full, balanced meals!

Live Events

Whether it is a large conference, or a virtual discussion with just a few people, MGI's live events are designed to help people not only learn, but activate! 

What are the MGI Courses and Classes Like?

Watch this video to see for yourself! 

MGI's Leveled Courses

are packed full of great information!

Lecture videos

Learn from life-long practitioners of macrobiotics who are passionate about what they teach! Levels 1 - 4 have four indepth lectures. 

Cooking Videos

Each leveled course has at least 25 videos, not only demonstrating the recipes, but also explaining the benefits of the ingredients and their preparation.


Follow along with the lectures. Each lecture has its own text so you can easily take notes for reference later!

Recipes to Print

Each cooking video comes with a printable recipe so you can focus on technique as you watch the videos!

Continued Access

Once you purchase an MGI on-demand course, you will continue to have access to the materials online even after you have gone through the entire course.

Bonus Content

We like to add bonus content to each of our courses, usually in the form of extra cooking videos and recipes!

MGI On-Demand Courses

The Power of Food: An Introduction to Plant-based Macrobiotics

This "on-demand" course is designed to help you successfully transition to a plant-based, whole foods diety in a healthy and balanced way. You will be introduced to the importance behind food quality, selection, and proportion, as well as food energy, cooking techniques, self-care and overview of basic ingredients to have on hand, and even the equipment you will need in your kitchen to cook high-quality meals!

Food, Energy & Body Wisdom

Level 1

Once you know the basics, start off with our Level 1 course, an on-demand course taught by macrobiotic experts Patricio Garcia de Paredes and Sheri-Lynn DeMaris. Modules include:

Module 1: Food Culture and Proportions

Module 2: Food Quality and Selection

Module 3: Nutritional Balance - Part 1

Module 4: Nutritional Balance - Part 2

Food, Energy & Body Wisdom

Level 2

Prerequisite: MGI Level 1

Level 2, also taught by macrobiotic experts Patricio Garcia de Paredes and Sheri-Lynn DeMaris, introduces the concept of energy. The recipes are designed to support the teachings in each module. 

1. Introduction to Food Energetics

2. Yin and Yang

3. Lifestyle and Self-care

4. The Link Between Personal and Planetary Health

Food, Energy & Body Wisdom

Level 3

Prerequisites: MGI Levels 1 and 2

Level 3, also taught by macrobiotic experts Patricio Garcia de Paredes and Sheri-Lynn DeMaris, introduces macrobiotic's Five Transformations of Energy and their relationship to healing. Students will gain a deeper understanding of how to prepare specific dishes to address specific health disorders.  The cooking videos are designed to support the teachings of each module.

Module 1: Healing through Yin/Yang Balance

Module 2: Introduction to the Five Transformations

Module 3: Transformation 1 - Tree Energy

Module 4: Transformation 2 - Fire Energy

Food, Energy & Body Wisdom

Level 4

Prerequisites: MGI Levels 1 - 3

Level 4, currently MGI's most advanced level, is taught by macrobiotic experts Patricio Garcia de Paredes and Sheri-Lynn DeMaris, continues where Level 3 dropped off with macrobiotic's Five Transformations of Energy and their relationship to healing. Students will continue their work in developing their knowledge of how to use food as medicine, even for emotional and mental health disorders. The cooking videos are designed to support the teachings of each module.

Module 1: Transformation 3 - Soil Energy

Module 2: Transformation 4 - Metal Energy

Module 3: Transformation 5 - Water Energy

Module 4: Emotional and Mental Healing

MGI's Recipe Store helps you fill the gaps in your meal planning!

The Macro Magic Recipe Store

Go to the Macro Magic Recipe Store to find dishes categorized by grains, beans and bean products, long-cooked vegetables, soups, salads, appetizers, condiments, and naturally sweetened desserts!  Recipes are either video demonstrations or written explanation (with lots of pictures!) and both come with a detailed, printable recipe.

Visit the Macro Magic Recipe Store!

MGI's Live Events give you an opportunity to interact with macrobiotic experts and other like-minded instructors

Scroll down to see the calendar of events! 

MGI Food as Medicine

This annual conference, held in October, is a great collaboration with others who believe that both personal and planetary health can be influenced by individuals.  

Visit MGI Food as Medicine

Tea with Sheri Lectures

Join Sheri-Lynn Demaris for "Tea with Sheri" where she or a guest discuss topics about health and natural living.

Monthly Macrobiotic Meetings

Get in touch with what your body is telling you! Sheri-Lynn DeMaris welcomes you to join her every month for this FREE virtual community meeting!  

Go here to RSVP for an upcoming meeting!

MGI Workshops

MGI often sponsors live, virtual (and sometimes in-person) cooking demonstrations. Check the calendar to learn about any upcoming events--and click the button to view some of our past events!

Coming Soon: View Past Events!

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