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MGI's Founders

Patricio Garcia de Paredes

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris

Lorraine McCamley

About MGI

Meet the MGI Board of Directors

Patricio Garcia de Paredes

Patricio is a founding board member of the Macrobiotic Global Institute and the founder and director of Macrobiotic School Japan (MSJ), an international education center. He is an educator, author and cooking instructor. Patricio worked as a professional chef and has engaged in various enterprises to promote a plant-based food culture that contributes to the health of people and the planet. He was introduced to macrobiotics as a child in his native Spain and is a graduate of the Kushi Institute in the United States. He served as the education director and principal teacher at the Kushi Institute of Japan.

"My path in life became inspired at an early age by the remarkable recovery experienced by mother through adhering to a macrobiotic way of life. Since then I have observed countless times the potential for development and positive transformation that lies within all of us when we make dietary and lifestyle changes in a more balanced way and in line with nature. Over the years I have been dedicated to promote and share this practical knowledge with others with the intention of contributing to their health and happiness while creating the foundation for a healthy planet and harmonious world community."

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"Last night's broadcast was very, very good. It felt very centered and calming, the demonstration, Patricio's talking, all of it. His energy came across as healing. And I am looking forward to making this recipe, a new version that looks like it will be satisfying and nourishing."   - MK

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris

Sheri-Lynn DeMaris, M. Ed., is the founder of Macro Magic and a founding board member of the Macrobiotic Global Institute. She is a macrobiotic teacher and cookbook author who has taught at restaurants and cooking schools throughout the United States and Europe. She has consulted with chefs at top-rated restaurants, including the Ritz Carlton and the Williamsburg Inn, and has shared her knowledge with medical professionals at cutting-edge medical/health programs including the University of California San Diego School of Integrative Medicine and Hahnemann University.

Sheri-Lynn is a Level 4 graduate of the Kushi Institute. She is the author of the book Macro Magic for Kids and Parents and is the host of an alternative health television cooking show Macro Magic. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the College of William and Mary in Virginia and completed post-graduate studies in counseling from Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

"My passion for all my life has been the study of health and sustainability, I am intrigued with the power of nature and my friends often refer to me as the “Organic Girl”.The world has supplied me with many great learning opportunities and amazing teachers in macrobiotics. And, I have witnessed the tremendous healing ability of living a macrobiotic way of life. Receiving these many blessings, I feel the strong desire  to give back to others all the wonderful teachings I have gained.  They say magic happens when you figure out a way to align with your purpose, your passions and your talents. My purpose is to inspire people to create positive change."

"Sheri DeMaris brings a groundness to macrobiotic cooking that says, "This is how." She knows a lot and shares it in a simple, direct and clear form. This is a class you don't want to miss."

- GR

Lorraine McCamley, MSOD, ACC

Lorraine is a founding board member of the Macrobiotic Global Institute and serves as its business director. She is the owner of Boldly Quiet Consulting where she coaches high-potential, talent leaders using a strengths-based approach. She is an ICF-certified coach, a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and is also an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP).  She earned her Master's Degree in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as an undergraduate degree from the College of William & Mary. While new to the field of macrobiotics, Lorraine has a global mindset and is excited to be a part of an organization whose mission is to improve both personal and planetary health.

"I am thrilled to be the driving force behind our MGI Africa program, bringing a combination of leadership development and macrobiotic principles to incredible community leaders in Sub-Saharan Africa. I see a bright future for Africa and am excited to contribute in some way.  

"Dear Lorraine, Your passion for us shows through every single lesson. Thank you for being instrumental in activating leaders that have a growth mindset and who are in tune with their strengths, just like Nelson Mandela."

- KCS, South Africa

Caroline Claytor

Caroline Claytor is an avid student of health and wellness. She has been involved in conferences and events such as Plantstock with Forks Over Knives, The Plantrician Project, Hippocrates Health Institute, The Rodale Institute’s Medical Conference, and Wellness at the Willows. She enjoys spending time with her children, family, and friends, and being outdoors, whether by the ocean, on a ski slope, or just hiking in nature. She currently resides in Berwyn, PA, in the Radnor Hunt countryside.  

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